Posters and Demos

EMAI: An Ontology for Modeling the Energy Consumption of AI Models
Michael Färber and David Lamprecht

Optimization of Kleene Closure Regular Path Query Processing Based on Node Clustered Index
Lulu Yang, Tenglong Ren, Xiaowang Zhang, Fan Feng and Guopeng Zheng

New Ontology and Knowledge Graph for University Curriculum Recommendation
Nicolas Hubert, Armelle Brun and Davy Monticolo

Knowledge Graph-Based Semantic System for Visual Analytics in Automatic Manufacturing
Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Ognjen Savkovic, Dongzhuoran Zhou, Zhipeng Tan, Hui Yang, Yujia Zhang and Evgeny Kharlamov

iKNOW- A Knowledge Graph Management Platform for the Biodiversity Domain
Samira Babalou, Erik Kleinsteuber, Badr El Haoumi, Franziska Zander, David Schellenberger Costa, Jens Kattge and Birgitta König-Ries

RDF* Knowledge Graph Completion by Translation
Linda Kwan, Pouya Ghiasnezhad Omran and Armin Haller

Towards A Statistic Ontology for Data Analysis in Smart Manufacturing
Zhuoxun Zheng, Baifan Zhou, Dongzhuoran Zhou, Akif Quddus Khan, Ahmet Soylu and Evgeny Kharlamov

Towards Executable Knowledge Graph Translation
Dongzhuoran Zhou, Zhipeng Tan, Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Egor V. Kostylev and Evgeny Kharlamov

TransHExt: a Weighted Extension for TransH on Weighted Knowledge Graph Embedding
Wei Kun Kong, Xin Liu, Teeradaj Racharak and Minh Le Nguyen

CoPMP: Correlated Predicates Merging and Partition for SPARQL Query Optimization
Hongshen Yu, Tenglong Ren, Xiaowang Zhang, Lulu Yang and Guopeng Zheng

An Extensible Approach for Query-Driven Multimodal Knowledge Graph Completion
Marcelo Machado, Guilherme Lima, Elton Soares, Vitor Nascimento, Rafael Brandao and Marcio Moreno

Improving Persona Consistency of Dialogue Generation by Constructing Negative Word Set
Zhenfeng Han, Sai Zhang and Xiaowang Zhang

A Portal for the State of the Art on Content Negotiation
Yousouf Taghzouti, Antoine Zimmermann and Maxime Lefrançois

OBDA vs Forward Chaining: the ForBackBench Framework
Afnan Alhazmi and George Konstantinidis

SenTag 2.0: A Cooperative Annotation Tool
Alberto Zerbinati, Andrea Loreggia, Giuseppe Contissa, Federico Galli, Francesca Lagioia and Giovanni Sartor

pyJedAI: a lightsaber for Link Discovery
Konstantinos Nikoletos, George Papadakis and Manolis Koubarakis

FS2KG: From File Systems to Knowledge Graphs (Demo)
Yannis Tzitzikas

Demonstration of LODChain: How to Tackle the Problem of Low Connectivity for your RDF Dataset
Michalis Mountantonakis and Yannis Tzitzikas

HInT: Hybrid and Incremental Type Discovery for Semantic Graphs
Alexander Miraka, Nikolaos Kardoulakis, Kenza Kellou-Menouer, Georgia Troullinou, Zoubida Kedad, Dimitris Plexousakis and Haridimos Kondylakis

KGSAR: A Knowledge Graph-Based Tool for Managing Spanish Colonial Notary Records
Shivika Prasanna, Nouf Alrasheed, Parshad Suthar, Pooja Purushatma, Praveen Rao and Viviana Grieco

ForestQB: An Adaptive Query Builder to Support Wildlife Research
Omar Mussa, Omer Rana, Benoît Goossens, Pablo Orozco-Terwengel and Charith Perera

VizBrick: A GUI-based Interactive Tool for Authoring Semantic Metadata for Building Datasets
Sangkeun Lee, Borui Cui, Mahabir Bhandari, Na Luo and Piljae Im

VGStore: A Multimodal Extension to SPARQL for Querying RDF Scene Graph
Yanzeng Li, Zilong Zheng, Wenjuan Han and Lei Zou

SignalKG: Towards reasoning about the underlying causes of sensor observations
Anj Simmons, Rajesh Vasa and Antonio Giardina

LOV-ES: Guiding the ontology selection to structure textual data using topic modeling
Damien Graux and Anais Ollagnier

Knowledge Graph Alignmnet as a Service
Rob Upson and Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz