Posters and Demos

Posters and Demos Proceedings

P1. EMAI: An Ontology for Modeling the Energy Consumption of AI Models  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Michael Färber and David Lamprecht

P2. Optimization of Kleene Closure Regular Path Query Processing Based on Node Clustered Index  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Lulu Yang, Tenglong Ren, Xiaowang Zhang, Fan Feng and Guopeng Zheng

P3. New Ontology and Knowledge Graph for University Curriculum Recommendation  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video][Paper]
Nicolas Hubert, Armelle Brun and Davy Monticolo

P4. Knowledge Graph-Based Semantic System for Visual Analytics in Automatic Manufacturing  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Ognjen Savkovic, Dongzhuoran Zhou, Zhipeng Tan, Hui Yang, Yujia Zhang and Evgeny Kharlamov

P5. iKNOW- A Knowledge Graph Management Platform for the Biodiversity Domain  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Samira Babalou, Erik Kleinsteuber, Badr El Haoumi, Franziska Zander, David Schellenberger Costa, Jens Kattge and Birgitta König-Ries

P6. RDF* Knowledge Graph Completion by Translation  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Linda Kwan, Pouya Ghiasnezhad Omran and Armin Haller

P7. Towards A Statistic Ontology for Data Analysis in Smart Manufacturing  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Zhuoxun Zheng, Baifan Zhou, Dongzhuoran Zhou, Akif Quddus Khan, Ahmet Soylu and Evgeny Kharlamov

P8. Towards Executable Knowledge Graph Translation  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Dongzhuoran Zhou, Zhipeng Tan, Baifan Zhou, Zhuoxun Zheng, Egor V. Kostylev and Evgeny Kharlamov

P9. TransHExt: a Weighted Extension for TransH on Weighted Knowledge Graph Embedding  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Wei Kun Kong, Xin Liu, Teeradaj Racharak and Minh Le Nguyen

P10. CoPMP: Correlated Predicates Merging and Partition for SPARQL Query Optimization  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Hongshen Yu, Tenglong Ren, Xiaowang Zhang, Lulu Yang and Guopeng Zheng

P11. Improving Persona Consistency of Dialogue Generation by Constructing Negative Word Set  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Zhenfeng Han, Sai Zhang and Xiaowang Zhang

D1. A Portal for the State of the Art on Content Negotiation  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Yousouf Taghzouti, Antoine Zimmermann and Maxime Lefrançois

D2. OBDA vs Forward Chaining: the ForBackBench Framework  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Afnan Alhazmi and George Konstantinidis

D3. SenTag 2.0: A Cooperative Annotation Tool  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Alberto Zerbinati, Andrea Loreggia, Giuseppe Contissa, Federico Galli, Francesca Lagioia and Giovanni Sartor

D4. pyJedAI: a lightsaber for Link Discovery  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Konstantinos Nikoletos, George Papadakis and Manolis Koubarakis

D5. FS2KG: From File Systems to Knowledge Graphs (Demo)  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Yannis Tzitzikas

D6. Demonstration of LODChain: How to Tackle the Problem of Low Connectivity for your RDF Dataset  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Michalis Mountantonakis and Yannis Tzitzikas

D7. HInT: Hybrid and Incremental Type Discovery for Semantic Graphs  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Alexander Miraka, Nikolaos Kardoulakis, Kenza Kellou-Menouer, Georgia Troullinou, Zoubida Kedad, Dimitris Plexousakis and Haridimos Kondylakis

D8. KGSAR: A Knowledge Graph-Based Tool for Managing Spanish Colonial Notary Records  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Shivika Prasanna, Nouf Alrasheed, Parshad Suthar, Pooja Purushatma, Praveen Rao and Viviana Grieco

D9. ForestQB: An Adaptive Query Builder to Support Wildlife Research  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Omar Mussa, Omer Rana, Benoît Goossens, Pablo Orozco-Terwengel and Charith Perera

D10. VizBrick: A GUI-based Interactive Tool for Authoring Semantic Metadata for Building Datasets  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video][Paper]
Sangkeun Lee, Borui Cui, Mahabir Bhandari, Na Luo and Piljae Im

D11. VGStore: A Multimodal Extension to SPARQL for Querying RDF Scene Graph  /  [Poster]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Yanzeng Li, Zilong Zheng, Wenjuan Han and Lei Zou

D12. SignalKG: Towards reasoning about the underlying causes of sensor observations  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Anj Simmons, Rajesh Vasa and Antonio Giardina

D13. LOV-ES: Guiding the ontology selection to structure textual data using topic modeling  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Damien Graux and Anais Ollagnier

D14. Knowledge Graph Alignmnet as a Service  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Rob Upson and Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz

D15. An Extensible Approach for Query-Driven Multimodal Knowledge Graph Completion  /  [Webpage]  /  [Video]  /  [Paper]
Marcelo Machado, Guilherme Lima, Elton Soares, Vitor Nascimento, Rafael Brandao and Marcio Moreno